Black Lives Matter Statement

Racism is a systemic problem in this country that must be rooted out and eradicated. For too long, our Sand Point Community United Methodist Church, which is located in a primarily affluent neighborhood, has been blind to the past injustices and the way they continue to shape policies today. We confess that we have been part of the problem, both knowingly and unknowingly. We now wish to be a part of the solution.


Therefore, we declare that Black Lives Matter. We will work toward the elimination of racism in all its varied forms. We will take action and use our voices to decry injustice and unequal treatment whenever and wherever we see it. We will educate ourselves and others about the evil and insidious nature of racism and white supremacy and seek to expose and defeat the policies and causes they represent.


Where we find we have been complicit, we will repent and seek forgiveness.  We see this as a new day dawning and pledge ourselves to further the cause of racial equality until "...justice rolls down like a river, and righteousness like a never-failing stream.(Amos 5:24)


We cannot and will not stay silent anymore.