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About Us

We are an all-inclusive caring community, seeking spiritual growth, committed to Christ's work, & lovingly responding to the needs of God's World.

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Our Story

On July 1, 1943, Dr. Harold Perry, at the retirement age of 65, was called to take on the challenge of establishing a congregation, and building Sand Point Community United Methodist church from the ground up.  


The first worship service of the Sand Point Community United Methodist Church was held on February 20, 1944 in the Cedar Vale Community Center.

The congregation quickly raised money and hired a contractor to build the "first unit" which was actually a complete church in itself.

By the time he left in 1947, the average Sunday worship attendance was 181 people, and they were overflowing the first sanctuary which we now call Perry Hall.

The "second unit" was started in the late 1950's and completed on October 30, 1960. t was the leadership of Rev. Merritt Faulkner that brought together the resources to build the present day sanctuary. The Sanctuary, Narthex and Chapel are ideal examples of mid-century design and architecture. 


Through the years pastors have been appointed from the Pacific Northwest Conference of the United Methodist Church.

We celebrated our 75th Anniversary of the church in 2019 and look forward to being a part of the Sand Point community for many more years to come,


We are an inclusive, caring community - committed to Christ's work, seeking spiritual growth, and lovingly responding to the needs of God's world.

Meet The Team

We Believe:

Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, Science is Real, Feminism is for Everyone, No Human is Illegal

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